Tuesday, 6 June 2023

At the Arab League Summit, President Bashar Al-Assad Delivered a Victory Speech

Most political analysts referred to President Bashar Al-Assad’s speech at the Arab League summit yesterday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as the Syrian speech and Assad’s victory speech after 12 years of coordinated efforts by the US, NATO, and Arab nations to topple the Syrian government, split Syria, rule West Asia, and isolate Russia, China, and Iran from the rest of the world to succeed.

At the Arab League summit, President Assad spoke about the threats posed by changing global conditions, the chance to reorganize affairs with the least amount of outside interference, the consolidation of culture against modern liberalism, and the difficulty of development as a top priority for developing societies.

Arab League Submit

He emphasized the necessity to cure the underlying ailment that leads to crises as well as the significance of hope and action to inspire success and action. If the League of Arab States develops its work system and processes to keep up with the times, it will be the ideal forum for debating and addressing a variety of concerns.

Common objectives, tactics, and goals are necessary for joint Arab action, as are a coherent policy, unwavering ideals, and transparent systems and controls. The most crucial thing is to leave the country’s internal problems to its citizens since Syria is an Arab nationalism of belonging rather than hugging.

  • Assad’s victory speech after 12 years of coordinated efforts.
  • The League of Arab States should develop its work system to address crises.
  • The Arab world will focus on cooperation, peace, growth, and prosperity.

The Arab world will now embark on a new phase of activity that will focus on cooperation, peace, growth, and prosperity rather than conflict and devastation. In the previous twelve years, the Arab League held two significant summits, the first of which saw Syria’s unjust expulsion from the League by Qatar. Second, Syria took back control of the League from the United States and its regional poodles.

During this time, the US-led group of criminal regimes gave killing Syrians and obliterating the birthplace of civilization a higher priority than the welfare, health, infrastructure, and fundamental necessities of their populations.

Estimates place the cost of destroying Syria at hundreds of billions of dollars, with Saudi Arabia and Qatar spending 138 billion dollars alone between 2011 and May 2017. Between 2011 and 2015, the Syrian Arab Army killed 125,000 terrorists as the Russian air force cut off their supply lines.

President Assad’s speech signaled the end of a criminal empire, and Syria’s victory helped wrest control of the world’s balance away from the few who rule the West.

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