Tuesday, 30 May 2023
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Rules of the Fastag System: New Update! Big Fastag Decision to be Made! On tolls, Fastag Won’t Be Required Anymore

A new GPS-based toll system dubbed ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) cameras will be used by the national government to collect tolls.

The toll tax will be deducted from the vehicle owner’s bank account using this method, which reads the license plate of the car.

Fastag System

According to a survey by the Transport Corporation of India and IIM Calcutta, oil worth $45,000 is wasted annually owing to traffic bottlenecks at toll plazas, and around Rs 1 lakh crore is squandered due to parking cars there. This new ANPR method might end up being preferable to Fastag.

Approximately Rs 1 lakh crore is lost each year as a result of vehicles being parked at toll plazas, and Rs 40,000 worth of oil is lost each year as a result of traffic bottlenecks at toll plazas, according to a report by the Transport Corporation of India and IIM Calcutta.

  • ANPR cameras will collect tolls from vehicle owners’ bank accounts.
  • New ANPR method may be better than Fastag for reducing toll plaza congestion.
  • GPS number plates allow toll tax money to be deducted from accounts.

The installation of GPS number plates in both new and used vehicles, as well as in used vehicles, has been mandated by the Union Transport Ministry. As soon as the car departs, this will allow toll tax money to be deducted from the account.

Additionally, a piece of software will be put at the toll plaza to enable the automatic deduction of toll taxes when a vehicle enters the toll plaza.

The new license plate will have a GPS and software installed that will enable toll taxes to be automatically deducted upon entering the toll plaza.

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