Tuesday, 30 May 2023

The Reason INEC is Silent on the Governorship Elections

In the Governorship Election, there are two factors at play. Many disgruntled voters who had opted not to vote again in the governorship race would alter their minds and turn out to vote in protest to make a point if he assured Nigerians that the results will be posted online in real-time.

Second, if a large number of people participate in the Governorship elections, as they did in the Presidential election, and the results are made available in real-time online and in the favour of the opposition parties, it will be clear how much fraud and manipulation there was in the Presidential election and why INEC chose not to make the results available in real-time online.

Governorship Elections

The results of a governorship election that is declared in real-time online will correlate with the first results for the presidential election that were tallied and certified at the polling places but weren’t declared in real-time online.

When the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) holds the governorship elections on March 11 and again uses the analogue method to collate, count, rewrite, mutilate, and manipulate election results while using university vice-chancellors to mask the fraud, INEC may be able to draw comparisons with the discredited analogue method’s delivery of the presidential election results.

  • In the Governorship Election, there are two factors at play
  • INEC holds the governorship elections on March 11, 2023.
  • INEC again uses the analogue method to collate, count, rewrite, mutilate, and manipulate election results.

Because of the hangman’s hammer that will reveal the true correlation between the Presidential and Governorship elections, which may provide forensic data for legal inundation and tangible evidence, INEC is currently in a pickle.

Nigerians should call him out now to discuss the method by which the governorship elections will be announced.

To compel INEC to implement the provisions of the Electoral Act and the Guidelines for a real-time online rendition of election results in the gubernatorial elections on March 11, 2023, Nigerians must immediately file a lawsuit.

If we don’t do this, INEC will trick the electorate once more and instruct us to slavishly go to court.

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