Tuesday, 6 June 2023
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Nurses are on Strike Out of Concern for their Patients

From 20:00 BST to the end of Monday, members of the Royal College of Nursing will stage a walkout. For the first time, services like intensive care will be impacted, however, some local exemptions have been granted to maintain life-sustaining care.

The ability to summon certain nurses off the picket line to staff departments like A&E, acute care, and children’s services is granted to about one in six NHS trusts. The NHS Providers’ Julian Hartley described this walkout as “the most worrying so far” and noted that some services were having trouble staffing.

Strike Action

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive Nick Hulme have urged all parties to reach an amicable agreement to end the nurses’ strike quickly.

A “business continuity incident” was declared at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), and exemptions were granted to other NHS trusts, including the emergency department at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London and the transplant center in Newcastle. While non-urgent cases should be directed to 111, people who are seriously ill or injured should continue to dial 999 as usual.

  • The Royal College of Nursing members will be walking out from 20:00 BST to the end of Monday.
  • People who are seriously ill or injured should continue to dial 999 as usual.
  • The strike action was determined to be illegal by the High Court.

Preya Assi has decided to go on strike in response to the government’s unacceptable pay offer, which has made it difficult for nurses to support their families and make ends meet. She thinks it’s the only way to make them pay attention.

On Monday, the RCN and Unite will strike in two services, with the RCN requesting life-and-limb coverage if NHS trusts are unable to staff services with nurses who are not on strike. The strike action was determined to be illegal by the High Court.

After members rejected a government offer of a 5% pay increase for 2023–2024 and a one-time payment of at least £1,655 to supplement last year’s salary, the RCN announced a strike.

Before a vital meeting between unions, governments, and NHS executives on Tuesday, there will be strike action. If a majority of the 14 health unions accept the compensation offer, the government will approve the pay increase. If the accord is reached, nurses would receive a pay increase.

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