Tuesday, 6 June 2023

YouTuber Getting Beaten Up by Ram Charan’s Supporters

According to reports, Ram Charan‘s fans beat up a YouTuber for making disparaging remarks about the actor and his wife Upasana Kamineni. Suinisith, a male, is claimed to have spoken about the things that upset the RRR star’s followers.

Suinisith is quoted as saying, “Ram Charan and Upasana are two of my incredibly close friends. Recently, Upasana and I went for a long drive. Even Goa was a trip for us.

Rumors of Ram Charan and His Wife

Ram Charan supporters did not find his comments to be pleasant. Sunisith was attacked by a gang of 7-9 fans who found him. He was questioned over the comments made about Ram Charan in Hyderabad. In front of the media, they also forced him to apologize to the RRR star.

A few videos of Sunisith’s followers venting their wrath have surfaced on social media and are quickly becoming popular. He afterward produced a video in which he expresses his regret to Ram Charan and Upasana for his comments.

  • Ram Charan’s fans beat up a YouTuber for making disparaging remarks about the actor and his wife Upasana.
  • Sunisith was attacked by a gang of 7-9 fans who found him.
  • On Sunday, Upasana wrote a moving article to honor her first Mother’s Day.

While many Ram Charan fans backed the group for supporting their favorite actor, several internet users criticized them for resorting to violence. Violence is not the solution, and I’m sure RC would also advise against it, said one user.

A first child is expected from Ram Charan and Upasana Kamineni Konidela. In honor of her first Mother’s Day, Upasana published a touching article on Sunday.

Despite rumors that they might be considering having the child in the US, they announced their impending motherhood in December 2022 and stated that their first child would be born in India.

Upasana, who is Vice Chairperson of CSR at Apollo Hospitals, disproved the reports and said she would give birth there.

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