Thursday, 1 June 2023
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Saahil predicts 2023 will be the year of Indian cinema

Saahil Krishnani established Quan Yin Mediaworks Pvt Ltd, also known as QY Mediaworks, in the year 2020 intending to provide digital marketing, advertising, media planning, social media, and influencer marketing services.

Saahil and his team overcame numerous obstacles, including the Covid-19 crisis’s entrance and the company’s launch during that year, to become QY Mediaworks a major player in the media sector.

Saahil’s Prediction of Indian Cinema

Saahil was never one to take a break from work or revel in his accomplishments in the past. After laying the groundwork for QY Mediaworks, Saahil has now accomplished his lifelong goal of becoming a film producer.

Saahil developed a strong affinity for movies at a young age and yearned to create stories on film. He has spent the last few years conducting in-depth research on the film industry and is now beginning his career as a producer.

  • In the year 2020, QY Mediaworks was established by Saahil Krishnani.
  • Pathaan has become one of the most financially lucrative movies ever.
  • Saahil predicts that the year 2023 will undoubtedly be the year of Indian cinema.

“The Hindi film industry has endured mockery and derision for the past two to three years, and many are confident that it will never be able to recover. The phenomenal success of “Pathaan” has disproved the doubters and demonstrated that the craze of going to the movies will never disappear.

The audience will swarm to the theatres to watch movies if we provide them with the stuff they enjoy and want to see. The audience is our ultimate customer as filmmakers. According to Saahil, we must strive to produce content that speaks to their preferences and sensibility.

Pathaan has become one of the most financially lucrative movies ever, grossing more than 1000 crores globally. The film’s enormous success has nearly completely revived the Hindi cinema industry and given it a sense of hope. The pan-Indian phenomena, in Saahil’s opinion, is also cause for celebration.

He goes on to state, “Now, the audience is least worried about the language a film is made in,” in further explanation of the same. They just care about seeing quality material. While blockbusters like “RRR,” “KGF 2,” and “Kantara” have become very successful, several regional films have also done well on OTT platforms.

Indian cinema is distinctive since it is one of the few nations where movies are produced in a variety of languages. 2023 will undoubtedly be the year of Indian cinema, in my opinion.

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