Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Adidas Announces a Multiyear Partnership with Tokenproof

A multiyear relationship between Adidas and Tokenproof, a blockchain-based authentication technology, has been established.

Adidas and its Three Stripe Studio, commonly known as Adidas Studio, are cooperation, according to a statement from Tokenproof. A token-gated entry point on the Adidas Confirmed app, according to Tokenproof, would introduce Adidas to its Web3 network of NFT owners.

Partnership Between Tokenproof and Adidas

There will be three-year cooperation. Tokenproof and Adidas have collaborated to integrate the secure authentication technology of the blockchain-based authentication platform into the Confirmed app of the athletic brand. Tokenproof claims that this enables owners of the ALTS by Adidas NFT collection to securely access holder-only collaborations and make select designer product purchases.

According to Tokenproof, the integration is a part of the most recent stage of the ongoing ALTS by Adidas experience. Tokenproof claimed to have supported this in the past using “token gating,” a method for gaining access to a blockchain-secured private digital good during live events.

  • A multiyear relationship between Adidas and Tokenproof has been established.
  • According to Tokenproof, the integration is a part of the most recent stage of the ongoing ALTS by Adidas experience.
  • There will be three-year cooperation with Adidas and Tokenproof.

It claims to also have developed a feature called offers that is available to all brands, regardless of whether they use Web2 or Web3 platforms, allowing them to “airdrop special offers and discounts to users’ Tokenproof apps that are compatible with brands’ native Point of Sale systems in-store and online.” Adidas was allegedly the first to do this, according to Tokenproof.

According to Tokenproof, this function was introduced during the NFT conference NFT.NYC in June 2022, when members of the ALTS by Adidas community who went to the Adidas flagship shop on Fifth Avenue were given a 20% discount inside the Tokenproof app.

According to a statement from the company, millions of Adidas Confirmed customers in more than 25 countries can now access Tokenproof, which enables users to authenticate and check whether or not they have an ALTS by Adidas token.

If they do, according to Tokenproof, they will receive unique benefits that will change over time. GMoney and Pixel Vault Punks Comic, two limited edition products created in association with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, were accessible during the first drop, according to Tokenproof.

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