Saturday, 3 June 2023

200 MW Solar Power Project by Tata Power Now

TP Saurya Limited (TPSL), an auxiliary of Goodbye Power Sustainable Power Limited (TPREL), has consented to a power buy arrangement (PPA) with Goodbye Power Exchanging Organization Limited (TPTCL) to lay out a sun-oriented power project in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

The Bikaner sun-based power project has a limit of 200MW (280MWp) and is planned to be functional by March 2024.

200 MW Solar Power Project

The PPA between Goodbye Power Exchanging Organization and TP Saurya Limited has a length of 25 years.

The sun-oriented power project in Bikaner will be associated with the Focal Transmission Utility (CTU) Transport and is supposed to yearly create 485 million units of energy.

It brings Goodbye Power Environmentally friendly power’s complete environmentally friendly power ability to 6.8GW, with an introduced limit of 3.9GW.

As per an assertion by TPREL, the sun-oriented plant is supposed to be charged by March 2024 and will be associated with the Focal Transmission Utility (CTU) to every year supply 485 million units of energy.

  • TPTCL has gone into a PPA with TPSL for a time of 25 years, it added.
  • Also, the organization has 2,871 MW under different phases of execution.
  • This incorporates 3GW of sun-based power, 928MW of wind power, and 2.87GW at present in different phases of execution.

With this new expansion, TPREL’s absolute environmentally friendly power limit has reached 6,788 MW, with an introduced limit of 3,917 MW, which incorporates 2,989 MW of sunlight-based power and 928 MW of wind power.

TPREL is one of India’s driving sustainable power players and has a critical presence in sunlight-based, wind, and hydro areas.

The organization’s portfolio incorporates utility-scale projects, housetop sun-based, and sun-oriented breeze crossover projects, among others.

TPTCL is into power exchange on trades, for example, Indian Energy Trade (IEX) and Power Trade of India Limited (PXIL).

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